BELOIT, WI. (August 12, 2021)— BHS continues to be committed to the community through resilience, dedication, and the highest integrity. The City of Beloit proposes once again to create a new use category for “medical facilities” in the city, and BHS will continue to challenge this project.

Reasons why BHS objects to the city’s proposed zoning amendment to create this new medical facility category include the following:

  • The city appears to be favoring the private interests of a for-profit developer over an established non-profit health system in our community.
  • Zoning laws are designed to be administered for the benefit of everyone, as opposed to a single developer.
  • A consequence of the city’s current zoning amendment is to change existing Beloit Health System medical clinics, which are currently permitted uses by right, to conditional uses subject to the approval of the plan commission and the city council.
  • This may limit the Health System’s ability to provide necessary services for the entire Community regardless of any resident’s ability to pay.

BHS is committed to protecting the public health and general welfare of our community. The city’s new ordinance goes against public health and safety. The city is seeking to change the ordinance to make OrthoIllinois proposed development on Freeman Parkway a permitted use by right, while at the same time restricting the uses operated by Beloit Health System.

These actions make the city’s continued bias and lack of uniformity of governance evident. When BHS established its Cancer Center, and other facilities in Beloit, it did not ask for special zoning treatment, nor did BHS receive any special treatment. At the time, there was not a specific category for Cancer Centers, and the Health System worked within the existing zoning ordinance and input from the elected public officials.

Allowing special permission and zoning changes for this private developer, without any obligation to take care of the entire community, is a detriment. BHS supports public health and safety for the entire community.

Beloit Health System will continue to take care of the community regardless of any resident’s ability to pay. BHS provides 24/7, 365 Emergency Room coverage for the Community. Nurses and doctors are providing heroic efforts working to keep the Community safe during the COVID Public Health crisis.

“BHS has proudly provided care for over 500 inpatients, testing for 25,000 community members and close to 28,000 vaccinations. We are the city’s largest employer with deep roots in the Community. Our top priority is, has, and will always be to provide the safest, best care for our Community,” stated Tim McKevett, President and CEO.

About Beloit Health System

Beloit Health System is an independent community health system serving northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. We offer world-class facilities and services to improve the overall health of the communities we serve with cornerstones for quality, engagement, integrity and patient satisfaction.


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