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“Our mission is to help make each moment of remaining life as full and comfortable as possible.”

Beloit Regional Hospice provides comfort and quality of life care for patients when prolongation of life is no longer the goal. Emphasis is placed on the alleviation of pain and other symptoms that include the physical, social, and spiritual needs of the dying person as well as the social and spiritual needs of the family and friends caring for the patient.

BRH is a non-profit agency serving counties in Northern Illinois (Boone and Winnebago) and Southern Wisconsin (Rock, Green and Walworth)

Beloit Regional Hospice also provides grief support groups for adults, children and teens in the Stateline area at no cost to residents.

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Share Your Story

Sometimes it is a hard thing to talk about that journey that seems so private and yet the telling of your personal experience is often what brings others to understand and accept the help of Beloit Regional Hospice. If you are willing, please share your story or, if you prefer, give us a call and we’ll write it down for you. If you will give us permission to share the lessons you learned during your experience with BRH, we will use what you know to help others.

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