Transitions… Support for Individuals and their Families Facing Life-Limiting Illness

What is Transitions?

The Transitions Program is a volunteer driven service focused on supporting individuals who face a life-limiting illness. Services include emotional and spiritual support, education, practical assistance, and timely coordinated referral to a network of community resources and services. The program is designed to help clients and their families cope with the day to day struggles and to find the information they need.

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What Does It Cost?

Transitions is a primarily volunteer driven service and no program costs are passed on to the client. Community support through grants, foundation gifts, and individual contributions provide all necessary funding.

How Does Transitions Work?

Services are intended to support individuals who have a life expectancy of two years or less. These individuals may still be seeking curative treatment. Adapting to the changes that accompany a life-limiting illness can be difficult, frustrating, and sometimes confusing. It can be challenging to learn to rely on others for assistance, to find necessary help, and communicate with family members about an illness.

Transitions can help empower you to make choices that affect the quality of your life during this difficult time.

The Transitions coordinator manages the program and the volunteers to connect families to community resources that they need. The program fills the gap by educating clients, providing volunteers, and linking clients to service providers. The Transitions coordinator also acts as a liaison between health care providers and community services and resources.

Transitions does not provide nursing services, medical equipment and supplies, or medications. The program works with clients to enhance their support system and helps them adjust to living with their illness.

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers support clients and families in accordance with each family’s own unique needs. Some of the possibilities include:

What is the Service Area?

Transitions serves residents in Rock, Green, and Walworth counties in Wisconsin and Winnebago and Boone counties in Illinois.

How are Referrals Made?

Anyone can make a referral to Transitions, as long as a client's physician agrees that the client has a life-limiting illness with a prognosis of two years or less.

Contact the Transitions Coordinator at 608-363-7421 or

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